READ NARUTO MANGA 641 CHAPTER – The Power of the Sage of the Sixth Path

The scanlators group release naruto 641 manga spoilers it will be posted here as soon as possible so just sit back and enjoy. So becoming the 9 tail or 10 tail Juubi Jinchuuriki make garbage dumb ninja, different type of Sage of the 6 path. So I wonder how great was the real Sage of the 6 path before becoming the Jinchuuriki, because it seem like his stye and whole being of the ninja he were, was base on just another HGH, PED tail beast chakra steriods using Juubi Jinchuuriki and nothing else. I mean where the he!! did the staff come from, I thought the Sage had it because he was the god of jutsu, not because he magically sh#t it out of his Juubi Jinchuuriki.
naruto 641 manga
Kishi has now turn the manga into Naruto tail beast Z (I hope you Dragon Ball Z fan’s are happy now). There is no need to Master alot of jutsu or have a blood line abilities anymore (other than maybe a sharingan), because all a ninja need is to become the 9 to 10 tail Jinchuuriki. Soon Kishi go to have ninja be able to get 100 tail Juubi the way the manga going, there seem to be no need for anything else now. What else should I expect from Kishi, ever since Naruto turn 16 year old of age in his manga, he been nothing more than a cheat sheet jutsu learning, 9 tail Fox chakra needing, blue print on villians receiving, need help in everyone of his major fights from someone to give him a break getting, most overrated main character of any manga that Kishi has turn him into. I still can’t get over Kishi making Tobi Obito Uchiha (the worse Uchiha we ever seen on the manga and worse villian in any manga), the next Sage of the 6 path and second most powerful person ever in the manga (Man bad, lazy writting can turn anything into a comedy quick, because I can’t stop laughing). Hopfully Oroachimaru & Kabuto plan they had base around Sasuke, that Sasuke now know about, put the manga back to characters needing to be a real genius at ninjutsu to be the greatest ever path again (or atleast come up with new great jutsu). Cause it don’t seem that Sasuke have any interest in getting Uzumaki or Senju blood or wanting to become a Juubi Jinchuuriki, but have a new way to become greater than the Sage of the 6 path, by staying a pure Uchiha (which could be a breath of fresh air).

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